Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day flowers
Flowers for Mother’s Day are lovely, but boring. Why not do something different?

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that always seems to creep up on you. It’s just BAM! It’s here! Out of nowhere! Maybe it’s because it’s during spring, when everyone gets busier with a flurry of activities after spending the winter in hibernation, but that’s just a guess.

With “M” day quickly approaching on Sunday, May 8th, it’s time to start thinking of a gift for your mother, the mother of your children, or any other woman who has been particularly influential in your life.

*Side note – even as someone who has no children, it really bugs me when I hear men say, “Why do I have to get her a gift? She’s not MY mother.” In reference to their wife / mother of their children. Listen, pal. She gave you the gift of those children – and had to do ALL the work for 9 months while you did zippy. For that, at bare minimum, you forever owe her on Mother’s Day.*

You know the standard gifts for this holiday: flowers, chocolates, brunch, etc. These are all well and good, but not particularly creative. The flowers will last a few days, the chocolates maybe a day or two more (or less, in my household.) Why not give Mom a gift that’s a bit more lasting – and will make her happy beyond the few day lifespan of some flowers?

Here are a two unforgettable ideas from Styling by Bayus:

Organized closet.
Clutter and disorganization contribute to stress. A clean closet provides your Mom with a tranquil space.

Closet Organization:

Most people, but Moms in particular, have a closet that stresses them out. They have years worth of clothes they no longer wear, don’t fit them properly, or don’t make them feel confident. Usually, they have the best intentions to clear this clutter out and start fresh – but that can take a LOT of time. What mom do you know has multiple uninterrupted hours available to dedicate to this daunting task? Closet organization, like many projects, is one of those things that is often started and stopped in the middle so many times that it never actually gets DONE. Hiring a professional to advise on what should stay and what should go, reorganize and arrange things in a convenient way that makes sense and looks beautiful, is a great way to save your mother a lot of time and stress – and ensures that the project actually gets COMPLETED. The results provide months of relief and reduced anxiety. What kind of flowers can do that? Schedule an appointment for closet editing / organizing as a Mother’s Day gift and receive 15% off the normal price for these services. Take a look a some before & after examples.

Personal stylist
Shopping can take a lot of time and effort. Avoid saying, “What was I thinking?” and leave it to a pro!

Shopping Services:

My mom always loves when we buy her outfits as a Mother’s Day gift. (She is also VERY clear that she wants something for HER – not an item for the household or a kitchen appliance.) She appreciates that I have an eye for what looks nice on her, and it’s often something that she’d probably never consider for herself on her own. A lot of people are like this – they get into such a consistent style that it seems as if they’re wearing the same things over and over again. (My sister has this complaint about her boyfriend. We’re on a mission to get him into something other than blue.) As a stylist, I offer personal shopping for my clients. I keep in mind their preferences, needs, and lifestyle, while also trying to incorporate something a little unexpected to nudge them outside their standard comfort zone a bit. Since shopping can be time consuming and tedious for a lot of people, I make their lives easier by doing the running around for them, bringing clothes to them so they can try them on at their convenience, and returning the items they don’t wish to keep. I can also put together “look-books” of outfits showing how items can be paired together in various ways, creating different outfits. This helps eliminate the daily struggle of deciding what to wear and just hoping that it actually looks good. When you book an appointment for personal shopping as a Mother’s Day gift, like closet organization, you’ll receive 15% off.

Beyond doing something nice for Mom, you’re really giving her the greater gift of freeing up her time, so she can spend it with you. Cleaning out closets and shopping can be fun – but for most people, it’s not. They’re just more items on a never-ending “to-do” list that never seem to get checked off because your mom is busy taking care of you and million other things – she rarely gets the opportunity to focus on herself. Am I right, or am I right?

Let Mom enjoy her flowers and candy, but consider having Styling by Bayus provide her with time to spend with family and friends, the peace of mind that comes with being organized, and helping her look and feel her best – because she deserves it.

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Colleen Bayus is a personal wardrobe stylist in the Washington, D.C. area. Her company, Styling by Bayus provides personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, and closet editing & organization services. Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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