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It’s a long time coming, but I’ve added a blog to my website. The plan is to use this space for updates on fashion news, style tips, and closet organization ideas.

First? A little bit about me.

I grew up in the Philadelphia area, and live and breathe all things Phillies, Eagles, and cheesesteaks. From there, I crossed the state to earn my bachelors degrees in Communication and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh (#H2P). Beyond academia, there I learned:

1. French fries can come on anything, including sandwiches and salads.
2. “Yinz” is a real word to people in western Pennsylvania.
3. $12 is enough to provide you with a full weekend of fun in Pittsburgh.

After graduation, I moved to D.C. and have been here ever since, with the exception of a two-year stint in San Diego when I went to graduate school at San Diego State University. Once I had my MA in Mass Communication & Media Studies in hand, I came back to the District.

People often ask how I could EVER leave a place like San Diego. There are a lot a reasons, but here are three:

1. I realized how much I like living at least a semi-pedestrian lifestyle. You have to get in a car and on a freeway to get ANYWHERE out there.
2. Seasons. I never even knew I loved the autumn until I didn’t have it. I’ve since become obsessed with taking photos of fall foliage.
3. It seems crazy, but when you have your “real life” going on (for me: full time graduate student, part-time job, and looming comprehensive exams) there isn’t a whole lot of time for things like the beach. And when the beach is ALWAYS an option, when you do get to go, it is somehow less special than only being able to go a few times a year on vacation…if that makes any sense. (Also, the Pacific is ALWAYS freezing.)

I know I said three reasons, but I think four are truly necessary.

4. Decent pizza and hoagies. Flat-out can’t get them out there. Trust.

Returning to D.C. I got back to work in communications and marketing as a contractor for the federal government, and also worked in the non-profit sector.

I began to realize that sitting behind a desk all day wasn’t working for me. I felt incredibly unhealthy being that stationary – putting in long hours, I’d leave most nights with headaches caused from staring at a screen and my eyes feeling burnt out. I decided to make a change.

For years I’d been helping my friends, family, and significant others pick out their clothes, and find them outfits that made them feel fabulous. I’d always loved fashion, and my favorite down-time activity was flipping through magazines – not only for the articles, but analyzing advertisements. I loved studying different looks that appealed to me and trying to figure out why, and how they did it. I’m unsure what type of nerd this makes me…

Half incredibly excited and half terrified, I started my own company, Styling by Bayus. My goal is to help both men and women look their best, feel their most confident, and save them precious time by:

-Shopping for them
-Styling various looks for different occasions
-Teaching what works best for different body types, features, and wardrobe needs.

I also provide closet editing and organization, taking items that no longer fit or work for you and donate them to amazing charities like Dress for Success and Suiting Warriors.

In Washington, D.C. everyone is an “on the move” type A personality, with a million things on their to-do list, and (like it or not) appearance counts. Styling by Bayus crosses shopping and organizing off that list, leaving you well dressed and confident whether it’s a typical day at the office, a special night out, or a big event or gala – you’re always dressed to impress.

Contact me for a free consultation or more information.

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