Ask an Olympian – How You’re Dressed Matters

Go Team USA!
Go Team USA!

Olympic Fever

The Olympics are the best. Every four years, we’re all blown away watching the world’s most amazing athletes perform. Especially because of this trying election season, it feels GREAT that we’re all on Team USA together!

The other day, I found a really interesting article from The New York Times, which I posted on my Facebook page. On the surface, it talks about the U.S. women’s gymnastics team (The Final Five) and their leotards – encrusted with nearly 5,000 Swarovski crystals (compared to a little over a thousand on the leotards at the London games, and slightly less than 200 in Beijing.) *Side note: I found out today that the Team USA leotards were made in my Dad’s hometown of Reading, PA!*

Binged Out and Feeling Their Best

Up close look at one of those 5,000 crystals.
Up close look at one of those 5,000 crystals.

Why? Is it just because the gymnasts like a little bit of flash and sparkle? Sure, that’s part of it. But more than anything else, it’s psychological. “It’s part of the ‘look good, feel good, do good’ aspect… It may sound trivial, but what you wear really matters.”

Essentially, adding all that sparkle signifies just how special the Olympics are. The gymnasts FEEL it, just by putting on those sparkly leotards. And when they feel special, it helps them rise to the occasion and perform their best.

Your Own Sparkly Leotard

YOUR balance beam - are you ready to perform?
YOUR balance beam – are you ready to perform?

I try to tell my clients this kind of thing all the time. You may not be an Olympic gymnast, but your office – that’s YOUR arena. And that conference room? That’s your balance beam. The presentation you have to give? That’s your ROUTINE. And what you choose to wear makes an impact on your bosses, colleagues, or stakeholders – your judges. When you’re put together in an outfit that you love, and makes you feel special and confident – it shows. It reflects in your body language, your demeanor, and even how you deliver your presentation, give your update, or speak up in a meeting to voice your opinion or concerns.

Communications 101 is based on the idea that one can’t not communicate. What you’re wearing, the way you’re dressed, and the way in which you present yourself sends a message – what do you want it to be?

What is Your Outfit Telling the World?

If you’re a gymnast, you want it to be a blinged-out leotard that says, “Look at me! I’m here to kick some ass!” As a busy professional, YOU are your own brand. You want it to say, “I’m a confident professional – the best at what I do. You can trust what I’ve got to say – I’ve got this.”

Of course, this is easier said than done. A lot of people don’t know HOW to dress to send that message. They don’t know what works best for their body and features, and they don’t have the time to shop for the right things and figure it out.

That’s where a personal stylist comes in. Make one part of your “life” team. You have an accountant for your taxes, a hairdresser for your cut and color, a trainer to keep you in shape, etc. Make a personal stylist part of this critical squad and save yourself the time, energy, and anxiety that comes with putting yourself together to look, feel, and PERFORM your best.

Ready to take control of your personal brand, send the right messages, and demand the respect you deserve just by dressing your best? Email to set up a FREE personal styling consultation.

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