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I am Colleen Bayus, and I run Styling by Bayus, offering personal styling, closet organization, and speaking services. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, I moved to Washington, D.C. about ten years ago after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. Working for iconic luxury brand Ralph Lauren, I've learned how to provide world-class customer service and styling assistance.

As a personal stylist, I believe in the saying "when you look good, you feel good," and I show busy professionals like you in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond how to elevate your style and use your wardrobe as an empowerment tool to build confidence, get respect, and advance your career.

You know that professionals in Washington, D.C. are especially driven and career minded, while still juggling family and social lives. I save you the time and stress of organizing your closet, donating or consigning clothes that no longer work, and shopping for items you need to round out your wardrobe. I coordinate and style looks that send the proper message for you and your personal brand - helping you look your best and feel even better.


I challenge you to ask yourself, "Who do I want to be? How do I want to be perceived?" Like it or not, we're all judged on how we present ourselves, and I make sure your style communicates that much sought after sense of sophistication and polish that Washingtonians desire. In today's super connected society, you can't afford to have the way you're dressed derail what you're trying to project to a supervisor, potential client, or hiring manager.

Beyond working with individuals, I speak publicly to various organizations: professional groups, women's associations, law school career service offices, etc. about the psychological impacts of looking and feeling your best and how it trickles down to all aspects of life, both professional and personal. Style communicates a message - and you need to be sure it's the right one. After all, 80% of life is showing up, but an additional 20% is showing up looking the part.

To discover how you can save time, get organized, and dress your best, click here to set up your free consultation.