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Have you considered using a personal stylist to elevate your look, but you're not sure exactly what one does? Schedule a free 45-minute consultation at your convenience. Here we discuss your style needs, personal taste, lifestyle, and any preferences you have. Based on this conversation, I'll make suggestions on meeting your needs, and present a plan showing how I can save you the time and effort of shopping, stylishly coordinating outfits, and organizing your wardrobe.



Personal Styling / Shopping 

Shopping, either in-store or online, is a huge time-suck when you don't know what works best for you, or the message you're trying to send with how you're dressed.  Spare yourself the time and hassle - leave the shopping to me. Based on your needs, I gather appropriate options, style complete outfits, and bring them right to you. Try everything on, and I'll show you how to mix and match pieces to create the best looks for you. Keep what you want,  I'll return what you don't. Simple! Struggling with your style, but not sure what you need to elevate it? No worries, schedule a free consultation and we'll discuss your goals and how to meet them. 

Closet Editing / Organization

Closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? If you haven't worn it in the past year, chances are you won't wear it again. l simplify your life by collaborating with you to purge your wardrobe of out-of-date, ill-fitting, and unflattering pieces. After removing "dead weight" clothing, I get your closet in efficient order—making it easy to locate your items, leaving you with the peace of mind and serenity that organization provides. Check out an example



Speaking / Seminars

As a personal stylist, I emphasize that how you're dressed and present yourself matters. Feeling stressed and unsure of yourself because you're not positive you're sending the right message by how you're dressed? You're not alone. That's why I speak to various organizations, professional groups, and career service departments (such as law schools) about how to use your wardrobe as an empowerment tool to gain confidence, get respect, and advance your career. I educate about the psychological benefits of dressing your best, and how they trickle down to all aspects of life, professional AND personal. Whether you need to impress on an interview, get promotion, or meet a potential client, 80% of life is showing up, but an additional 20% is showing up looking the part. Contact me to book for a seminar or conference.    

Giving Back

Those items we just removed from your closet? A lot of them are probably perfectly fine—just not right for you. No need to let them go to waste. As the daughter of two veterans (U.S. Air Force & U.S. Coast Guard), giving back to those who have served and sacrificed is of great personal importance. That's why I collect clients' gently-worn office attire and donate it to local organizations who help appropriately outfit veterans for job interviews when they've returned from service and are starting their lives as civilians. 



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Because you're ready to elevate your style and use your wardrobe as an empowerment tool to build confidence, get respect, and boost your career.